Yamaha Rhino 14" ITP SS112 Chrome wheels BIG HORN 2.0 TIRES 26"

Yamaha Rhino 14" ITP SS112  Chrome wheels BIG HORN 2.0 TIRES 26"
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Product Description

this is the next level in wheel technology

The wheels are 14 inch in diameter 6 inches wide with a 5+3 offset for the front and 3+5 for the rear

SS 112 Chrome cast wheel from ITP


the wheels come mounted with MAXXIS BIG HORN 2.0 tires

26/9/14 for the fronts and 26/11/14 for the rear

Specially designed 14 inch sizes make the BIG HORN 2.0

the new standard in utility vehicle trail tires.

Interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint result in exceptional traction and floatation

Ideal for mud, snow, and sand

Radial construction offers a much smoother ride and greater overall control, enhancing operator confidence

Surprisingly light in weight; you wont find a lighter 14 inch tire/wheel combo anywhere

6ply construction provides unmatched durability

The wrap around shoulder lugs offer excellent sidewall protection and traction when navigating rutted trails

the wheels set comes with :

4 wheels and tires

4 chrome center caps

16 chrome lug nuts

Get the profile, traction and the ride you deserve while giving up nothing

Quicker steering, and most important stand out from the crowd.


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